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NEWS: (May 24, 2007)
Dumb Bum Comics has officially taken Europe by STORM! And I’m not talking about the X-Men character, no need to sue me Stan Lee; I got my lesson last time... We are now MORE POPULAR in countries like Sweden, Spain, UK and even Germany than we ever thought possible.

This is why Dumb Bum Comics has expanded its operations. In order to please the European fans' request, we ARE INCLUDING TWO NEW COMICS TO OUR ALIGNMENT!!! Minos the Minotaur, your basic interbreed adventures with the purpose to make you laugh. The Obsidian Canticle, boring and not funny, but we could not stop the penciler from doodling alone, and since it's illegal to batter employees, we carry this crap as well now.

Links to these NEW COMICS can be found all over this site, so give them a "CLICK". Our doctor said it can help our self esteem. So lose some of yours by befriending US!



After popular demand went away, DumbBum Comics tries its 6th Website. Not as impressive as an Anniversary 10th Website, but we're slowly getting there. Unlike what most people think we did not go away because we weren't paying (Our host doesn't need to worry) but we are just very lazy people. And I mean very.

But what is DumbBum? What service do they provide to the world? Can they castrate my cat as they claim in the ad? Our unconventional ways of serving humour can do more than a good fixing! We provide insane humour. Our biggest challenge would be to provide it.

We hope you can laugh while you browse through these oblivious pages. So
STICK AROUND! We'll see if we will!...


Disco Jul gets a Camel


About this site:


Now that you're getting comfortable, odds are, you'd kill to leave this page. And we totally understand. That's why we urge you to click on the various buttons we installed for all your escape needs:


To learn more about DB comics, our titles and the doom that we force upon the feeble-minded readers, go to DUMB BUM CENTRAL. Bring your wallet.

Visit DISCO JUL'S LITTLE CORNER to get all the scoops on your favourite groove-made superhero. It's 100% polyester, so if you're allergic… we'll all have a good laugh. Again don't forget your wallet.

The lame STAFF button will take you to an even lamer place. A wise koala-licking guru will tell you about Me and the Others.

Kill some time in our FUN 'N GAMES section. Quizzies, trivia, DB's own dictionary and way more crap than I care to mention. If you're thinking of killing yourself, then this place will surely convince you.

Share your thoughts, phobias, donnations and crap in our FORUM. Spammers welcome. Bring cash.

Check the FAQ for all the Q's barely worth answering that we managed to gather in 1 place.

And at last, there's the FINAL FRONTIER. Brave the universe at your own risks. I dare say no more. But if you lose your wallet, don't look in our lost & found basket. Finders keepers.







    Hello gentle clicker! (I said GENTLE, not GENITAL! Why are you getting offended again?) Humm… I guess I should make this one quick, so I can hide in that barrel with the other monkeys I have in my basement, before the cops arrive, and jail me for sexual harassment again!

    I must agree with all of you, this site is very depressing, and I can't understand why it is open! The donation page is NOT working! That is like the highlight of our site! And to make things worst, I don't even know who to blame for this. Today is quite a sad day for all of us!

    Positive side: A new quiz is available, the NEW Disco Jul comic is available for purchase (and a free gift is given to the buyer), what the fans voted as their favorite Disco Jul page, and perhaps many more!

    Oups! I must run for my barrel! Until the right to exercise my Free Will is given to me again, go crazy with the clicking!


    Editor’s Advice: Buy ONLY 1 gender of monkeys. Or else the barrels get overcrowded after a while…


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A Disco Jul clip with a MAD doctor




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