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    Many of the misinformed harass me with idiotic e-mails, asking to quit my delays. That goes for workers and non-workers, mostly workers and obsessed graphists, which is the same, but the second is way more lethal . I'll use up this precious liberty of speech that I proudly granted myself to say that it is not my fault, it's my dog Gabby who chewed upon my homework. He's causing integrally all the delays, so we should have him put to sleep. I'll deprive myself of a lifetime friend in order to please the fans. No not true, I hate that dog, we found him in the dump last Tuesday, and he hasn't stop chewing my ass off, and he is too dumb to learn tricks. Perfect dog for Dumb Bum. I miss him already...

    Now to a more "serious" matter. You can find my life story on this site, so I suggest to all the ignorant to read it at least twice per day, in order to fully understand the meaning of my psycho-driven existence. Follow my footsteps and you might turn up being way more dumb than you can handle a certain Monday morning. You can also find the life of the least Dumb Bum members, but frankly, no one cares about any other member than me. Even they hate themselves, and the feeling is SOOOO mutual.

    I want to confess my heroic deeds of last Saturday night, I summoned a headless horseman who chops off heads for the swing of it. The catch: unlike the legend, I have no control over him, so always let your little brothers and sisters open the doors to strangers. You never know, one tiny head might suffice to his killing appetite, he likes to chew on the hair (be careful Jesse, you have plenty!). Unfortunately, he is after me too, so it is a shame that no co-worker of mine cares for me, in order to give me a hand and answer my door for me. Oh well, they won't get a raise for another year or two, or maybe three!

    No, no, stop your tears you little ones, I was bluffing, no mad-man is out of his grave, I just corrupted the psycho maniac who lives across the street, and he now serves as my orange juice shaker. He sucks at it! I never had so flat orange juice for breakfast before!

    Boy, I have never seen such a boring crowd. You people are pathetic, show is over, go home! I on the other hand will burn my cooking pots for the thrill of it! Hours of fun await!!!


    Christmas is just around the corner, so run catch it you morons! Release it in boring August when we all need it!




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