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Where YOUR opinion can be heard... But ISN'T.


EDITOR SAYS: Welcome to the letter column. This is what I do to avoid the orphans who ask me for money. It helps me act busy in various situations, so keep them coming! I don't particularly read ANY title, so I'll try my best to answer your moronic demands.


Dear Dumb Bum

     Your comic sucks. Last time I read it publicly, my sad life tumbled lower… I lost all my friends, and they ran away with my underwear. They showed them to the world, a proof they said, to expose how much of my dignity I have lost. I told them that it was only bladder juice... Will they believe me??? Not so far… Also, why is Disco Jul stuck in another dimension?

Pablo Pablopoulos 'Louis'

Hotful Town

THANKS with CAPS 'Louis'! We live for letter like these! After a hard day in court, pretending to be hard of hearing to slow the legal process down, it's letters like yours that keep us motivated to continue! It greatly satisfies us to know that others have it much worst then us! And WE contributed in making ourselves happy!  It's a blessing to see that Disco Jul is so well esteemed by the fans. When we started, NEVER we would’ve imagined such a high standing in the industry. You ROCK Louis!

Dear Scoops

     It greatly deceives me to see you have yet another NEW website! What's with the colors? The images? The content? Responses to mail? Who do you think you are? This version does not go well with what you product stands for. It's by far the most nauseating site you had! Bring back the one with the FRAMES! I want the black one, with the hard to read fonts! It was so unclear and full of typos, that it took me at least 45 minutes of browsing time to get through it, and have a semi-clear idea of what it was about! It made your 3 only available pages seem like 7… More then expected by you guys… Now I barely feel ripped off! How DumbBum are you really?

I want frames! I want less of everything else. MORE FRAMES!!!!

Joezi Tuong

Camberge University (janitor)

An intellectual! How can we compete with such knowledge? The site was not our property Joezi. It barely had anything in it, so when in decided to leave us, we just simply looked the other way, where the albino chimp was performing a memorable, yet tragic pole dance, that resulted in his death. The last Gay Albino Chimpanzee died that day… I still remember the highlights of his show…

How DumbBum are we? We would DIE for Dumbbum, and that's not only under court sentencing! We are officially dead in 5 countries (including  Fiji Islands) where due to local law, our death would exonerate us from much doodoo. If bankruptcy is a form of death; who can manage our death count? Statistic companies? I think not!

Dear Best Comic in the World!

     I'm getting anxious, but someone needs to address this matter. You've left me sitting in boiling water for way too long, I'm now a hard egg. You promised us that before the end of  2007, the Blowdering Fish Arch would get resolved. I hate to be a party pooper (I have two kids, and know how annoying it is) but the clock is ticking on you guys, and you're making no effort to loop back in the plot. Don't disappoint me like other comic companies do, and wrap it up in two pages by mentioning that 7 characters are now deceased, or that the problem took care of itself.

I clearly remember that we left Disco Jul facing nature as Global warming was bringing Apocalyptic effects on his afro, and way too far from the AC button. He was screaming for help, but Falling Out Boy was not in site, held hostage by the Migrating Pigeon Gang, and forced to join their coalition by pooping on pedestrians from the Balcony. Falling out Boy was standing with his pants lowered, and Disco Jul could not interfere due to the oath he took to get assistance from Master Troglodyte (aka SugarMan). So who would help Falling out Boy? If he didn't poop, they would remove his mask? Who would help the sidekick? Who would help Disco? It seems to me like an impossible situation!

You chose not to tell us by giving us adventures that took place BEFORE those events. But when will we go back to the PRESENT? It's been 6 years now! Don't let me hanging too...


Worried Walt

Currently on vacation in Disneyland

(little can the mouse do to calm the stress you folks created)

End of 2007? Sorry Walt, but we received your mail too late to stick to our promise. If only we read it before the deadline we would’ve done something! This is beyond our control. Time slips by when you’re having fun, or running to avoid creditors. On the bright side, we didn't conclude the plot with those hateful techniques. Keep reading, maybe a time machine will fix the problem. Trust DumbBum… Trust is key to everything.


EDITOR SAYS: I lost my underwear in my office yesterday, Did anyone see them? Johnny, Call the cops! My lucky undies have been stolen! Yeah it's the ones I crapped in last week... (DECEMBER 2006)


Want to send us Questions or Comments? Invoices? Harrasement Letters? You're from the governement? Looking to adopt a chinesse shoelace? You're from Marvel? (If it's you Stan Lee, stop writing to me! I have NO intention of returning your sunglasses...) E-MAIL us at this usualy empty inbox:



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