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NAME:   Mike
JOB:   I AM Dumb Bum!
CIVIL STATE:   Convicted criminal, not charged yet.
BEST THING ABOUT WORKING FOR DB:   Aside from having the honour of visiting every courtroom in Montreal, I also get to sip ale naked in my office when everyone thinks I'm working. Sometimes I have peanuts too. I also get to work with monkeys!
WORST THING ABOUT WORKING FOR DB:   My every day CHAOS. I hate Dumb Bum!
WHY DID YOU JOIN DB:   Cause I created it. I had no choice, believe me...
WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING FOR DB:   It's a curse, can't wash it off. DB is NOTHING without me.
WHAT'S YOUR WAGE:   It's costing me!
WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED:   Physically, mentally and emotionally abusing my co-workers. They hate it, I LOVE it!
WHAT FOOD MAKES YOU SICK:   1/2 ounce of Jack Daniel's, 1/2 ounce of Bailey's, 1/3 ounce of Tequila, 2/3 ds of mint, 1 ounce of homogenised milk, 2 ounces of apple juice. Stir. Add a slice of kiwi. I just name it "The Make Me Barf".
WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING:   Cash. Unfortunately, I'm loosing it all on this comic. Also, SPRING; with all the lovely poop lying around.
WORST CHILDHOOD TRAUMA:   Waking up in the middle of the night with a sharp razor blade in my eye. Then I woke up. I feared school too, but not the first day. Kindergarten was fun!
WHAT DO YOUR CO-WORKERS NICKNAME YOU:   Steaming Red Hitler (they love me).
WHICH OF YOUR CO-WORKERS WILL YOU KILL FIRST WHEN YOU'LL GET THAT MACHINEGUN:   None. It would take too long to decide, so before I pull the trigger,I'll be cuffed.
SHOW YOU'RE EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT YOU WATCH:   Access Hollywood. I hate non-Mel Brooks parodies

* (These answers had been given a WHILE ago, so might not be accurate, the shows might be cancelled by now...)








Fifty four years ago, a great destruction filled with horror and distress, invaded this peaceful earth, as humanity first experienced the nuclear. Then came disaster. Fields filled with Terror, Distress and Sick, valleys grudged with putrefying bodies nuclearly active.

For many many years, the corrupted system of justice failed from way up, at its impotent attempt to secure the orphans of another such disaster.

1979. Deliverance Day. As much obscure and unknown forces balanced the ecosystem of the Solar system in witch we unbalanced, of deedious deeds. Mankind was about to be saved. The Spirit of Pure and Buzzy, was unleashed in the fragile molecular system, known to all as a new-born.  Destined the child was to bring peace and to flourish battlefields that were richly mulched by decomposed corpses.

But a big misfortune occurred, and the child never saw the day, as his mother beat him up since she was expecting a girl.

I was being delivered next to it, and found the scene so humorous that it deeply touched and inspired my inner spirit.

Thus Mankind was screwed. So I took it upon myself to make matters worst… Did I succeed?


FINAL WORD:  Please harass the graphist for making me do this.





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