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Penciler Motivation Present CEO


NAME:   Super V
JOB:   I draw for free. Would you call that a job?
CIVIL STATE:   Nun of Bacchus.
BEST THING ABOUT WORKING FOR DB:   Sleeping on the nail bed. Believe me, it's nothing to the rest I endure.
WORST THING ABOUT WORKING FOR DB:   Too exquisite a menu to choose from.
WHY DID YOU JOIN DB:   I didn't.They joigned me. Me join DB?! I ain't THAT drunk!
WHY ARE YOU STILL WORKING FOR DB:   Cause they have me chained and only feed me leftover editor peanuts when I get 50 squares done.
WHAT'S YOUR WAGE:   Chronic beatings.
WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED:   Getting back at my co-workers by screwing with the looks of their characters.
WHAT FOOD MAKES YOU SICK:   The editor's peanuts.
WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING:   I wouldn't know. Please help me! I wanna live again!
WORST CHILDHOOD TRAUMA:   Beeing abandoned in a basket when I was nine.
WHAT DO YOUR CO-WORKERS NICKNAME YOU:   Hey, are you done yet? (I hate that name)
WHICH OF YOUR CO-WORKERS WILL YOU KILL FIRST WHEN YOU'LL GET THAT MACHINEGUN:   Myself of course. I can't stand working with ANY of my co-workers.
SHOW YOU'RE EMBARRASSED TO ADMIT YOU WATCH:   OK So I watch the Power Rangers. It's not like I know all the songs! "...take control to outer space now..."

* (These answers had been given a WHILE ago, so might not be accurate, the shows might be cancelled by now...)








Little bee was drunk that day and buzzing around, when he came upon a flower. The kind of flower is not important. Now little bee tried to come onto Unsuspecting Flower, but the plant knew self defence, and busted all of its pollen on little bee and blinded him.

So little bee went to see doctor bee to get a cure. But Dr. Bee had never earned his Masters, so he was a fake Dr. Bee. And he told his patient: "You're not blind, you're just gay! Oh yeah, you're pregnant too."

So that's how I was born, on a spring day when all the violent flowers were blooming.

Some years of careless fun followed, ruined quickly when I licked some gum off the floor. My parents were freaked and thought I deserved a stricter education. So they punished me with the capital punishment, a long heartless school serving sentence.

It was Hell, so I dropped out as quickly as possible.

Then came Disco Jul, which was Tartarus... so I settled for it.


FINAL WORD:  Visit the website and leave me alone.





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