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1. Have you ever milked a cow?


2. Do you think Bull-Fighting is arousing?

It's barbaric!
Depends on the tightness of the matador's trousers
What color is the bull?

3. What is normal social distance between a man and a cow?

A mile
Petting range
2 Feet
Contact is ok

4. Have you been to a Zoo this year?


5. How many times did you walk in a Petting Zoo by coincidence?

None, that can't happen
I met my wife there
I know a friend who goes all the time
I need company to go

6. Got milk?

Fresh this morning
Creamed only
Got cookies
I have a cow in the basement and chickens in the cupboards for eggs.

7. Do you agree that Theseus had to kill the Minotaur?

It was self defence
It was his quest, of course he had to
There was no television at the time for entertainment
He had to prove his masculinity, according to the frescas
He could've taken 20 minutes to try friendship first

8. Do you own a cow?


9. Can you fall on a cow by accident?

Happens all the time
That's a lame excuse, I was mating with it
I'm a lonely farmer, ok?
It's hard to find women of my size
She fell on me, it just happened that I was naked

10. If nobody sees you mating with a cow, is it still a problem?

Not if you were using contraceptives
It should be fine, unless the cow acts suspicious after
Was the cow consenting?
Interbreeds are fun!

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